Plan a Memorable Despedida Party for Your Co-Worker: A Step-by-Step Guide with a Complete Script

If a co-worker is leaving your workplace, consider organizing a despedida party to say goodbye and show appreciation for their contributions. A Despedida party is a popular tradition in many cultures, especially in the Philippines and Latin America, where it is a way to celebrate the departure of a loved one and wish them well in their next chapter.

Planning a despedida party can be fun and meaningful to honor your co-worker and show them how much they will be missed. Here is a script for a despedida party that you can use as a template for your event:

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Welcome everyone to this particular despedida party. We are here to celebrate the departure of our dear co-worker and friend, [Name]. While we are sad to see [Name] go, we are also excited for them as they embark on a new journey.

[Name] has been an essential part of our team and has contributed much to our workplace. Of course, we will miss their [qualities, skills, personality, etc.], but we know they will excel in whatever they choose to do next.

Opening Prayer

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Before we begin, let us take a moment to pray for [Name] and their future endeavors. [If the co-worker is religious, ask them to lead the prayer. If not, you can ask someone else to offer a non-denominational prayer or moment of silence.]

Thank you for joining me in this prayer. Now, let’s get started with the program.


I want to acknowledge the members of the organizing committee who worked hard to put this despedida party together. [Mention their names and thank them for their contributions.]

I would also like to thank [Name] for their contributions to our workplace. [Mention their achievements, qualities, and positive impact on the team.] We will miss [Name] dearly, but we wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Program Proper

[You can customize the program based on the co-worker’s and the attendees’ preferences. Here are some ideas and a sample script for despedida party:]

EMCEE 1: Special people call for a special celebration. And today, we are gathered here for a special reason and that is, to give honor to our special honoree seated on our very own stage.

EMCEE 2: We know that she is already enjoying her new voyage on a ship named, “ME TIME”, where she can freely do a lot of adventures and encounter new opportunities.

EMCEE 1: But we cannot afford to let her leave our (name of school) family without letting her know how much grateful we are to her for the notable service that she has rendered to our school and for being an inspiration not just to the learners but also to the people whom she has worked with.

EMCEE 2: And I, for one, can attest as to how passionate, committed, and dedicated she was to her teaching profession.

EMCEE 1: To our honoree, (name of honoree), as you will be stepping out of our school, we just want to say, Thank You, instead of saying goodbye because according to an unknown author, “Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. For there is no such thing as separation for those who love with their heart.

EMCEE 2: To our district 5 supervisor, (name of the supervisor) our school principal, (name of the principal) master teachers, teachers, and dear honoree, A VERY GOOD MORNING!

EMCEE 1: To formally start our program, I would like to request everyone to stand for the singing of the Philippine National Anthem which will be conducted by (name). And please do remain standing for the Invocation which will be led by (name).

EMCEE 2: Thank you ma’am ____________ and ma’am ______________. You may now take your seat.

EMCEE 1: To formally welcome us all to our Despedida Party this morning, let me call on our very active school principal, (name of the principal) for his Words of Welcome. A big hand, please!

EMCEE 1: Thank you (name of the principal)

EMCEE 2: (Make some adlibs to make the audience ready for the program and to entertain them. The emcee may make funny but not offensive memes/quotes about the life of the honoree.)

EMCEE 1: Now, let us proceed with the presentations of our teachers from the different grade levels.

* The emcee may make adlibs for each presentation to keep the program alive and jolly.
After all the presentations,

EMCEE 2: Ma’am (name of the honoree), we hope that you enjoyed all our presentations.

EMCEE 1: At this juncture, let us proceed with the giving of gifts to our honoree. And I would like to request our district supervisor, to do the honor.

EMCEE 2: Thank you ma’am (name of the district supervisor). And now, let us hear the response of our dear honoree, Ma’am (name of honoree)!

EMCEE 1: At this point in time, I would like to call on our dedicated and committed district supervisor, Ma’am (name of the supervisor). Let’s welcome her with a round of applause!

EMCEE 2: Thank you ma’am (name of the supervisor). And to give us the words of thanks, please help me welcome our smart and talented yet so humble Faculty President, Sir (name of the Faculty President). A big hand, please!

EMCEE 1: Thank you sir (name of the Faculty President). Before our program ends, allow me to read the note that is written at the back of our program for our dear honoree. The note says, ” Ma’am (name of honoree), Your retirement has made everyone value you even more. It has made us appreciate the way you strengthened our core. You are not just retiring from your past position and roles. But you are retiring as a teacher who inspired our souls.

EMCEE 2: Ma’am (name of honoree) May God bless you with good health, bountiful blessings, and happy thoughts always. Take care and always keep safe!

EMCEE 1: To everyone, thank you so much for your support and cooperation in making our program a SUCCESS!

EMCEE 1 & 2: This has been your hosts, (EMCEE 1 and EMCEE 2) saying, ” As we grow in age, let us also grow in knowledge. Let’s keep learning and keep growing. Good bless everyone!”

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Video tribute

Create a video montage of photos and messages from colleagues, friends, and family members. You can ask attendees to submit their messages in advance or set up a video booth where they can record their messages on the spot. Then, play the video during the party and ask [Name] to say a few words afterward.

Games and activities

Organize some games and activities that are fun and meaningful for the co-worker and the attendees. For example, you can do a trivia game about the co-worker, a “roast and toast” session where attendees can share their funny and heartfelt stories about the co-worker, or a scavenger hunt that includes items related to the co-worker’s interests and hobbies.


Prepare a special gift for the co-worker that they can take with them on their next journey. For example, you can give them a personalized item, such as a mug or a t-shirt with a message or design representing their personality or interests. You can also give them a gift card or a voucher for a memorable experience, such as a massage, a concert, or a trip.

Closing Prayer

Before we end this despedida party, let us offer a prayer of gratitude and hope for [Name] and their future. [If the co-worker is religious, ask them to lead the prayer. If not, you can ask someone else to offer a non-denominational prayer or moment of silence.]
Thank you for joining me in this prayer. [Name], we wish you all the best in your next chapter. We will miss you, but we know you will positively impact wherever you go. Keep in touch, and don’t forget to

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