“Thank you” are just 2 simple words. But why is it so hard to utter for many of us? Personally, thank you may not be the words that may come out from my mouth every time favorable things are done to me, most especially by the people most close to my heart. But does this mean being ungrateful? Well, for some, yes. But for me, no. Why do I say so, mainly because I simply show my gratefulness to them by showing kindness and doing good things to them in return. For me, it is easier to say, “thank you” to the people who are not so close to my heart and who are only seldom in doing good things to me. But the question is, “Is it fair?” For me, the answer is a big NO. Because I firmly believe that each one of us has a spot in our own heart that needs recognition in every little good thing that we have done for others. Being recognized gives us a feeling of self-worth and would boost our willingness to do good even more. Knowing that making people grateful because of the good things that you have done to them would give you a unique feeling of true happiness that you could not explain and would in one way or another would also make you grateful. So, to the most important people in my life whom I have not personally thanked, allow me to use this blog of mine to express my sincerest gratitude to you…..


Mama and Papa, thank you so much for your hard work in planting the seed of love to each other to be able to reap your 6th wonderful fruit of love; which is ME….. hehehe… I just want to let you know how thankful I am to our God for having you as my parents because the kind of parents that you are, made me who I am and what I have now.


My Man, thank you for making me say, “thank you”. Thank you so much for everything! Thank you for being a loving, caring and a sweet husband. You are really a man whom I can totally depend on. Your plans are always well-planned. You are a man whose stand is commendable and whose actions are reliable. Thank you for always making my life just so easy and for always making the welfare of our family your top priority. I love you. I really, really do.


Our “sun”, thank you so much for bringing the brightest light to our family. Thank you for making me fulfill the essence of being a woman; which is to become a mother of a “good son”. We really love you, son. You are always our number 1!


Thank you so much for being there. Through thick and thin, we always stick together, always ready to give a helping hand for each other and always willing to give our family a complete picture of a resilient tree. Thank that much to all of thee.


  1. I also want to thank you ate and also to kuya heheh. You’ve always lend an ear to all the problems around you. Thank You

    • You’re welcome dong loy. That’s the essence of being a family; being always there for each other both in good times and in bad times.

  2. Hi Te Erlz. Congrats for this blog??? You’re that “one-call-away” type of person and I am beyond grateful for being able to encounter a person like you (I’m sure everyone in La Famila feels the same too ?)I am so blessed to have a beautiful (inside and out) auntie like you… May God continue to lead your way ❤ Stay healthy te and always be happy even though life may sometimes throws you with unfavorable circumstances

  3. Hi ERL,congratulations!!! You are now a certified blogger! Finally, your dream has been realized and materialized!
    ” thank you” are just 2 simple words but why is it hard for me to utter those words? It’s because those two words are just soooo simple, so allow me to add two more words to make it four( hehe)
    “Thank you soooo much” for your unconditional love and support to La Familia. Greatly appreciated!

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