EMCEE1: Today, we celebrate the remarkable journey of our little learners. We honor their big dreams and great achievements that started with small steps. These young minds have flourished, paving the way for a future filled with endless possibilities. This exceptional day symbolizes the first of many future milestones in our children’s education. Let’s applaud their remarkable growth and embrace the joy of this momentous occasion.

BOTH: Good afternoon, everyone and welcome to our 6th Moving Up Ceremony for our Kindergarten Movers for the school year 2022-2023, with the theme “GRADWEYT NG K-12: HINUBOG NG MATATAG NA EDUKASYON.”

EMCEE1: I am __________

EMCEE 2: And I am ______,

Both: Your masters of ceremony for this afternoon’s event.


EMCEE 1: With so much cheer, hope and pride, let us commend our Kindergarten Movers for the School Year 2022-2023, together with their parents as they move forward towards the venue where we celebrate the marvelous journey of our little learners.

                Guests, friends, ladies and gentlemen, the processional!!!

EMCEE 2: Let us welcome the highly esteemed members of the academic community led by our:


EMCEE 1:  The entry of colors

EMCEE 2: To help us evoke our feeling of patriotism and remind us of our nation’s glory, beauty, and rich heritage, I would like to request everyone to rise, listen attentively and sing our Philippine National Anthem and Lapu-Lapu March with fervor as this will be played through audio presentation and conducted by ___________.

              And please do remain standing as ________ will lead us in expressing our desire to be with our Creator ,communicate with Him and be blessed by as we will be having this day’s activity.

EMCEE 1: To formally welcome us all to this afternoon’s significant event, let us all  welcome ________, a mover from Kindergarten Ybanez. A round of applause please.

EMCEE 2:   And now, to do the honor of presenting this school year`s candidates for completion, may we have on stage, our very own School Principal, _________.

EMCEE 1: For the acceptance and confirmation, I would like to request ________________ to do the honor.

                     Thank you, _______________.  At this juncture, again, I would like to request __________,

                   and _________, ____________   to do the favor in the distribution of certificates to our movers.

EMCEE 2: The Kindergarten Movers of class 2023.

 Kindergarten (Enecuela) under the advisory of (Ma’am __________)

(Read the names and the awards)

EMCEE 1: At this juncture let us all get inspired by an inspirational message which will be given to us our very own PSDS. Let us welcome her with a very big hand.

EMCEE 2:  Thank you so much, ________________________________for your inspiring message.

             At this juncture, let us hear the Words of Gratitude from our Barangay Captain, Hon. _______. A big hand please.

EMCEE 1: Thank you Hon. _______ for your words of gratitude. Now, please help me welcome our SPTA President, Mrs. ______________ for her acknowledgement.

EMCEE 2:  Thank you so much, Ma’am __________, our SPTA President, for your forthright words.

                   As stated by Howard Gardner, musical intelligence is one of the nine multiple intelligences. It is dedicated to how skillful an individual is in performing, writing, and appreciating music and musical patterns. So, sit back and relax as I call on our Movers to showcase their Musical Intelligence to us as they sing their Moving Up Song, “I’m Ready To Go”. With so much pride and honor, let’s welcome them with a big hand.

EMCEE 1: Thank you so much our dearest completers of batch 2023 for sharing your fantastic talent in singing to all of us.

EMCEE 2: As we are about to end our program, allow me express my words of gratitude in behalf of ________ Elementary School, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the people behind the success of this ceremony. To our DEPED officials, to our school administrators, PTA officials, to all our kindergarten teachers, to our moving up ceremony team and committees, thank you very much.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to the parents, guardians and our stakeholders for your unwavering support for this school year.

EMCEE 1: To our movers may you look back to this stage of your life with fondness and pride.

             This concludes the _______Moving Up Ceremony of _______ Elementary School. To all the completers and their parents and guardians, CONGRATULATIONS. And to God be all the glory.

 BOTH: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Recessional.

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