As a teacher, I found this LAC session on ICT integration very important to me, especially now that we are living in a modern realm of learning’s boundless sphere. I need to equip myself with the tools in the world of digital delight, where students’ minds, with wonders, captivate and embrace the tools that foster their insight.

            The best instructional material in a teaching learning process is still and always will be the teacher but we can’t deny the fact that with ICT’s blend, the lessons come more alive. No more mere rote, but interactive flair.  Through multi-media, concepts are revived.

            Nowadays, industries increasingly rely on technology. Thus, it is important to our pupils to learn about the digital tools and systems. By integrating ICT into the lessons, the teachers are exposing the learners to tech proficiency and digital literacy; qualities which will help them to be competitive in our ever-changing world.

            The integration of ICT in teaching is not a choice but a necessity to meet the demands of the current generation and prepare them to be globally competitive. As we navigate an ever-changing future, ICT integration remains a guiding light, illuminating the path to a brighter and more prosperous world for the generations to come.

            And honestly speaking, the skill in ICT integration that I learned during the LAC session has helped me, though it is not enough. And as a teacher, I have realized that I still must learn a lot of things related to ICT to be able to unlock a world of possibilities and enrich my teaching-learning experience. 

            Embracing technology is a MUST for me.

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