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Wedding program script at
Wedding program script

The Wedding Program Grand Entrance:

  • Newlyweds
  • Newlyweds’ Parents
  • Principal Sponsors
  • Secondary Sponsors

Newlywed’s First Dance (Money Dance)


  • Groom’s parents/guardians
  • Bride’s parents/guardians
  • Relatives
  • Friends
  • Slicing of the Wedding Cake
  • Wine Toasting
  • Words of Thanks by the Newlyweds
  • Garter Tossing
  • Bouquet Tossing
  • Dinner
  • Table Hopping/Picture Taking

(At the Wedding Reception)

(While waiting for the newlyweds and the wedding entourage)
Emcee 1: Please be seated now because the newlyweds with their wedding entourage will already be here a few minutes from now.
(Upon the arrival… Play the couple’s theme song)
Emcee 2: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment that we’ve been waiting for, the Grand Entrance of Mr. and Mrs. __________! Let’s welcome them with a round of applause! Mabuhay ang Bagong Kasal! Mabuhay! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. __________!
Emcee 1: Let’s also welcome the Parents of the Bride!
Emcee 2: And the parents of the Groom!
Emcee 1: Now let us welcome the Principal Sponsors! The Ninongs and Ninangs who acted as witnesses during the Wedding Ceremony!
Emcee 2: Next we have the Secondary Sponsors. Starting off with the Sponsors who lighted the candle during the Candle Ceremony!
Emcee 1: Next in line we have the Sponsors who clothed the bride and the groom as one during the Veil Ceremony!
Emcee 2: Then, we have the Sponsors who entwined the groom and the bride with the cord of love during the Cord Ceremony!
Emcee 1: Next we have the Groomsman and the Bridesmaid!
Emcee 2: The flower girls who showered the wedding aisle with flowers!
Emcee 1: The Ring Bearer, the Bible Bearer, and the Coin Bearer!
(Beforehand, assign usherettes to assist the Sponsors to their seats)
Emcee 2: This time I would like to request Mr. and Mrs. ________ to stay at the center for their first dance as a couple.
Emcee 1: But before you will have your first dance, let us first be the living witnesses of how deeply and madly in love you are with each other through your passionate kiss for 20 seconds. Ready in 3…2…1… Kiss!!!!! 20, 19, 18, 17… and 1!!!! Once again, congratulations Mr. and Mrs. ______. Sana all. hehe
Emcee 2: Mr. and Mrs. _______, are you now ready for your First Dance?
(Adlib: Mr. and Mrs. _____, what is your favorite color? Well, they said that violet is GOOD, yellow is BETTER but blue is the BEST! hehehe…) The Emcee may have some “char-char words” to convince the sponsors and other guests to dance with the couple for the Money Dance)
Emcee 1: To everyone who danced with our bride our groom today, thank you so much. And thank you also for decorating our bride’s wedding gown and groom’s wedding tuxedo with colorful papers, most especially with the blue ones. he.he.he.
Emcee 2: At this point in time, let’s hear some well wishes for our newlyweds. The first to give her message is _________.
( Maybe start calling the bride’s parents, then the groom’s parents, principal sponsors, relatives, and friends)

(After the giving of the messages)
Emcee 1: Now, let’s have the slicing of the wedding cake. I would like to request Mr. ____ to place your hand over the hand of Mrs. _____ as you slice your cake in 3, 2, 1….. Slice!!!
Emcee 2: Mr. ____, may you support your wife throughout your marriage wholeheartedly. And Mrs.____, may you take care of your husband and your family with all your heart.
Emcee 1: You may now spoon-feed your partner with a slice of your wedding cake in 3, 2, 1,… Say Ah…ah…ah… “I love You” Yeeey!!!! Sana all…
Emcee 2: Yeeey! So sweet… At this moment, let’s have the wine toasting. ( to be done by the best man)
Emcee 1: To our newlyweds, may you have good health and prosperity throughout your married life.
Emcee 2: Let’s now have the tossing of the garter!
Emcee 1: Next, let’s have the tossing of the bouquet!
Emcee 2: Once again, congratulations to our newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. ______. And this time, let’s have our dinner and everybody is requested to stand for the Prayer Before Meals.
Emcee 1: Happy eating everyone!


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