Hope in the Midst of a Storm

Hope in the Midst of a Storm

The shadows that taunt those wildest dreams are lurking in illuminance. They are watching like predators catching their prey. The scent of fear has spread itself throughout. Disaster rages toward your destiny. Chaos dismantles your visions. Calamity disrupts your goals. Injustice shatters your aspirations. Corruption obstructs your motivation. The dreams you once had seemed to be buried in the depths. The seeds you planted turned out to be noxious. You set yourself stuck in a room of disappointment. You lay yourself down on a bed of distress. Pillows of despair surround you. Should you stay there forever?


There is a better place to be than staying on those walls of anxiety. Listen to the sound of your beating heart. Incline your ear to the harmony of your breath. As your blood runs down through your veins, so is your soul navigates you towards your destiny. Look up to the sky. There is still a cloud. It is still going to rain. The lighting you once feared will light your way up. The thunder you once ignored will guide you to the gate. You can still make a step in the dark. As long as you’re breathing, you can still do the impossible. As long as you’ve witnessed time, then there is still enough time. Soon, the sun will shine again, and all you’ve worked for will come to pass.

So don’t forget to remember, there is HOPE!

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