Our Future, Mother Earth’s Torture
By: Aljun Jr.

Mother Earth is where we live
She gives us food, shelter, and water to drink.
Yet, we foolishly hurt her for money.
I can’t believe we are this greedy.

I feel sad, and also stupid.
I’m not glad, that we’re so deluded
We will feel our suffering, later, because of our cause
This is soon becoming, on Earth that was once ours

If we will continue to be abusive and naive
Where will we soon thrive and live?
So friends, today is not yet too late
Together, let us save Mother Earth!

In segregating our trashes, let’s be responsible
In using our resources, let’s be wise and careful.
Be concerned! Have a caring heart and some discipline
Help in planting trees and make Earth enduringly green.

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