Script For Hosting a Birthday Party

Program flow and Script for Hosting a Birthday Party

Emcee 1: Tonight, we are gathered here to celebrate the gift of life, most especially the gift of life that He has given to __________, who is celebrating her birthday today.

Emcee 1: Good evening Emcee 2!

Emcee 2: Good evening Emcee 1!

Both: Good evening everyone!

Emcee 1: And welcome to the most awaited party of the year, ______________ 60th birthday party!

Emcee 2: So, without much further ado, let us put our hands together for the entrance of our celebrant!

Emcee 1: Our celebrant is wearing…….
Describe the celebrant and give some personal background about the celebrant.

Emcee 2: Once again, let us welcome our star for the night, __________!
(Ask the celebrant to settle down)

Emcee 1: Time check, it’s already _____ and it’s already time for us to take our dinner. We will just continue with the rest of our program right after. At this juncture, let me call on ______ to lead the prayer before meal.

Emcee 2: Happy eating everyone. Enjoy your meal!!!



Emcee 1: I guess, everybody has already dined well. Thank you so much mam _____ for inviting us tonight. Indeed, tonight, we can say that “happy na, birthday pa(Aside from being happy, it’s also a birthday)#busogMuchTalaga(hashtag So much full)

Emcee 2: And since it’s your birthday today, we cannot afford to let this party end nor proceed with the rest of the program without giving you first a special moment where you can make your birthday wish and blow your birthday candle.

Emcee 1: (while a birthday song is played) I would like to request our birthday celebrant,_______ to come forward.
You may now make your wish ma’am and……blow your birthday candle. May your wish do come true (Invite the visitors to greet the celebrant) Everybody, let us say, ” Happy Birthday ma’am ____!!!

Emcee 2: Tonight, we are more than privileged enough because aside from being a part of ma’am _____ birthday celebration, we will also be witnessing a variety of talents coming from our presenters. So, what are we waiting for? Let us now call on our first presenters. A round of applause, please!

Emcee 1: Thank you so much ________. That was such an amazing performance! Ladies and gentlemen, do you want more? Well, Without much further ado, let us call on our second presenters on the dance floor! A big hand please…

Emcee 2: Wow! Wow! Wow! That was such a world class talent. Thank you so much ________. Celebrating one’s birthday is wonderful. But it becomes even more wonderful when you can hear birthday messages coming from beautiful people. And the first one to give her birthday message is a beautiful woman not just outside but also in the inside. A woman, close to the heart of our celebrant. And the woman that I’m referring to is no other than________. Let’s welcome her with a big hand.

Emcee 1: Thank you so much ma’am for your message. (Adlib Joke time) Though the message was not intended for me because I’m just the emcee. But a while ago, our celebrant was whispering to me, that your message was really nice and indeed, made her day.
And to give us another incredible performance, let us call on our 3rd presenters. A round of applause, please…

Emcee 2: Call the 2nd person who will give another birthday message

Emcee 1: And to give us the words of thanks, let me call on ________. A big hand, please.

Emcee 2: Thank you ma’am ______.
I would also like to personally thank you mam _____ for having me here tonight. Being one of the hosts in your birthday party is a great honor. It is such a one of a kind experience worth keeping for. Again, thank you so much, ma’am. May you have many more birthdays to come and may our compassionate Lord always bless and guide you as you achieve the things that you desire in life.

Again, happy, happy birthday ma’am!

Emcee 1: This has been your hosts, __________

Emcee 2: And __________ saying, “Be Happy.”

Emcee 1: Enjoy life the way you want it to be because

Both: Happiness is free and always will be!

Both: We are now signing off…

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