My dear, it was fifteen years ago
When we both happily said, “I do”
Thank you for choosing me to be your wife
I promise, with you I’ll spend the rest of my life.

You’re a family man, who gives the best to our family
You’d do whatever you can to make us always happy
You’re always there ready to solve every predicament
That’s why, with your planned moves I’m dependent.

You’re working hard for our bright future
At all times, you’re our knight in shining armor
When you are around, I never get scared
‘Coz you’re a strong pillar and a dauntless shield.

We agree to disagree in a healthy way
This is what we vowed to do as a family
We may sometimes have a misunderstanding
But we never end our day without fixing everything.

Every day, I always thank our Almighty God
For giving me such an amazing and loving husband
And the only thing that I always pray and wish for
Is for us to be in each other’s arms forevermore!

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