Papa, to you I am always greatly grateful
For you motivated me to strive hard to become successful
At a very young age, you taught me to be responsible
And encouraged me to reach my life’s dream and goal.

Papa, as a disciplinarian you are very strict
You really correct me whenever I make a mistake
You do not want me to ever go astray
You just want me to do good and be merry.

Pa, as our family’s pillar, you’re that strong
You make us feel safe when you are around
You’re always ready to protect us with your mighty arm
The reason why no one dared to do us any harm.

Pa, I always have a high respect on you
Loving and caring for you is what I do
Seeing you physically fit and happy
Is what I always wish and pray.

Pa, thank you for building a united family
And this time, allow me to proudly say
That you’re the “world’s best father” for me
And you are the man behind of who I am today.

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