For me, loving someone is both a chance and a choice.

If I did not have the chance to meet and get along with my man nineteen years ago, would I be able to have the choice to love him and be his wife?

Who would have thought that a naive girl from the province could marry a street-smart guy from the city?

Did distance magically draw our hearts together and pull them close to each other to beat as one?

Well, our love story started when I lived in my sister’s house in the city when I was still studying in college. My sister’s house happens to be just a block away from his.

From then on, we had the chance to see each other and exchange our sweet smiles so often and the opportunity to know each other, laugh together and share our life’s dreams and plans.

We became friends and then turned lovers.

As his lover, I had a four-year chance to reveal my total self ( both my bright and dark sides ) to him and the time to unearth more about him.

And after having discovered his flaws and imperfections, did I have the chance to walk away? Yes, I had! But I chose to totally fall for him and stay. I accepted everything about him as much as he wholeheartedly accepted every piece of me.

And now, I’m very proud and happy. And I will be forever grateful to our God Almighty for giving me the chance to make the right choice in grabbing the chance to choose my other half, whom I want to sprinkle all my love with for the rest of my life.

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