Program Flow and Script for Baptism Party

Program Flow and Script for Baptism Party at the Reception

Baptism is an important milestone in our baby’s spiritual life. It is the time that we welcome our baby into our family faith.

And today, Baby (Erl) has just been baptized by ________ (name of the priest who baptized) at _________ (name of the church). And we are very much honored and lucky to be present here today and be part of the happiness of Baby (Erl’s) family.

With so much joy in my heart, let me call on the proud parents, Mr. and Mrs. ____________ with their newly baptized child, baby _____________. Let’s welcome them with a big, big smile!

Note: When they start to go to the front, start to play the opening song, (For This Child- Baby Dedication Song Ken Blount). (Finish the song)

Let us now have the Opening Prayer which will be lead by ________________. I would like to request everyone to stand.

Thank you Ma’am _______ and thank you so much everyone for gracing this very momentous chapter of Baby (Erl’s) life.

At this moment, let us hear the messages of the proud parents to their newly baptized baby. Let us start off with the father, Mr. _____________. Thank you sir. Now, Let me call on the mother, Mrs. __________. Thank you ma’am.

Note: Record their messages or take a video as they say their messages so the child can see it once he/she has grown up.

Now, let me call on the godparents to come forward as we light the candle of the baptismal cake. As godparents, you have accepted the roles and responsibilities of being Baby (Erl’s) light and guide as he/she grows so that she will become the person that God plans her to be.

At this moment, you make a wish for Baby (Erl) and then blow the candle in 3, 2, 1, Blow!

May Baby (Erl) grow up to be God-fearing and may she become the best version of herself as she lives her life according to God’s plans.

Now, let’s have the slicing of the baptismal cake by the parents.

At this point in time, I would like to request the godparents to pour wine in their glasses and have a toast in 3, 2, 1. Toast! Thank you so much dear godparents for accepting the challenge in co-parenting Baby (Erl).

At this juncture, let me call on the parents to put the baptismal candle and the godparents to put their written messages for Baby (Erl) inside the Sacrament box. The Sacrament box will be given and opened by the baby once she can understand the meaning of baptism and once she knows how to read and comprehend the messages written for her by her godparents.

Note: Days before the baptism, inform the godparents about the letter that they are going to write for the baby.

Let us now have the giving of tokens/souvenirs to our godparents and guests. (Just assign someone to distribute the tokens/souvenirs to the godparents and guests at their respective tables.)

Now, let’s have the picture-taking with Baby (Erl) ( Example: Baby with parents, Baby with grandparents, Baby with godparents, etc…)

This time it’s time to take our meal. Let me call on ________ to lead the Prayer Before Meals.

Happy eating everyone and thank you so much for coming!

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