Program Flow and Emcee Script for Bienvenida Party

Program Flow for Bienvenida Party:

  • Opening Prayer
  • Honoree’s Time (Introduce Oneself, Labelling Expectations, Setting Rules)
  • Group’s Response ( Choose a representative from the group-preferably the senior)
  • Roll Call ( Call all the members with their designation)
  • Picture Taking
  • Community Singing
  • Eating Time

Emcee Script for Bienvenida Party

Emcee 1: When one door closes, another one opens. When one chapter ends, another one begins. When someone leaves, someone comes.
We just bid goodbye to our previous department head. Today, we are gathered here to say hello to our new one.

Emcee 2: To our new department head, _____________, my dear colleagues, good afternoon and welcome to our Bienvenida Party!

Emcee 1: To start with, I would like to request everyone to stand for our Opening Prayer which will be lead by Ma’am _____________.

Emcee 2: Thank you so much Ma’am _________.

Emcee 1: Today is a very significant day for all of us since we will be welcoming a very important person, the person who will now guide us, lead us, and mentor us. And the person that I’m referring to, is none other than, the new pillar of our department.
Without much further ado, let us all welcome and say hello to our new department head, Ma’am ___________________. Let’s welcome her with resounding applause!

Department Head’s Time( Time wherein she introduces herself, gives her rules and expectations.)

Emcee 2: Thank you so much Ma’am _________.

Emcee 1: At this point in time, I would like to call on our senior leader for the Response. (It could be the pledge of commitment/loyalty.)

Emcee 2: Thank you so much Ma’am _________. Yes, it is definitely true that if we continue to work collaboratively, our goals will be aligned and easier to achieve. Success is reachable if we just work hand in hand.

Emcee 1: At this juncture, I would like to call on all our department/group members with their respective designation. (Call each member and let them stand as their name is called to be recognized by the new department head)

Emcee 2: At this moment, let’s have the picture taking with our new department head.

Emcee 1: Now, let’s have the community singing. (Count on Me by Bruno Mars)

Emcee 2: After having made our pledge to support our new head and share responsibilities for the good of our institution, let us now share the food that we have prepared. May I now call on Ma’am ______ to lead the Prayer Before Meals.

Emcee 1 and Emcee 2: Happy eating everyone!

Emcee 1: Ma’am ___________, once again welcome to our family! Just always remember that you can always count on us. And if ever you find us lost in the dark and we can’t see, we also hope that yo will be the light to guide us. Because from now on, you are our pillar whom we will look up to and trust.

Emcee 1 and Emcee 2: Thank you so much everyone!

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