I am not a good writer nor a professional blogger. The reason why I wanted to have a blog is simply because I want to have a diary where I can freely express my ideas and thoughts that may come along my way from day to day.
When I told my husband about it, without hesitation he said, “yes”.
Since he is both a computer programmer and a designer, he designed a blog for me. And days later, my blog, “ZestSay”, came into reality.
When it was already ready for my first post, I wrote, “Thanks To You” because that was the first thought that came into my mind. Then, followed by the poems that I made, the poem that my son made, the jokes of my husband, and then essays/opinions that suddenly came into my mind.
Honestly, I don’t really have a background on how to write a blog. All I know is, I just want to express my ideas through writing.
When I already had some posts on my blog, that’s the time that I tried to read the blog of other people. When I read their posts, I was amazed because they are so lively and interesting and there’s no reason why they won’t hit thousands or even millions of likes.
But since I am not a professional blogger and never will I may be, I will just continue making this blog as my diary.
And seeing my post view increasing by a number each day will already make me so happy.
Am I pressured? No! And I should not be because I am just doing the things that make me happy.


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