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  • Why is ethics important?

    Why is ethics important?

    I think it’s because people want to leave some sort of mark. In this world, we will face a lot of struggles and at some point in our lives, we will start to question ourselves; questioning our worth and value and asking the purpose of our lives. I think ethics is very important so we […]

  • Grow by Embracing Uniqueness

    Grow by Embracing Uniqueness

    Grow by Embracing Uniqueness Having common grounds on everything gives us an avenue to relate and build ties with people around the league. However, staying in the same circle for our entire life cannot guarantee that it would help us grow as a person. Engaging with different habits and customs is one of the most […]

  • Hope in the Midst of a Storm

    Hope in the Midst of a Storm

    Hope in the Midst of a Storm The shadows that taunt those wildest dreams are lurking in illuminance. They are watching like predators catching their prey. The scent of fear has spread itself throughout. Disaster rages toward your destiny. Chaos dismantles your visions. Calamity disrupts your goals. Injustice shatters your aspirations. Corruption obstructs your motivation. […]

  • Morning Prayer

    Morning Prayer

    Heavenly Father, thank you for the new morning, new beginning, new hope, and most especially the gift of life.Thank you that you are a good God. You are a God who never leaves us. You are a God who always comforts. You are a God who always provides.We praise you for all the blessings that […]

  • Quote About Goodness

    Quote About Goodness

    A-ppreciate peopleD-on’t speak ill of anybodyJ-ust do goodU-nleash the potentials in youS-tay focused on your goalsT-ry. Fall. Fight. Learn. Grow!

  • Being Good

    Do good. Just continue doing good, not because you want to, not because you need to, but simply because that’s who you really are.

  • Quote About Goodness

    If someone asks you a favor, give it freely. It means that you are one of the luckiest persons who are capable of doing things that others can’t. Be a person full of compassion rather than a person full of pride and negative assumptions.

  • Quote About Being Good

    If you fill your heart with so much goodness, your life will be filled with multiple blessings.



    Let us acknowledge God’s presence as we say, In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.Heavenly Father, we started this meeting with you and we are also going to end it with you.We thank you for your presence throughout our meeting. We could not have come up […]



    DO YOU LOVE ME, TOO? I’ve shown you a loveI’ve given you all the love I have A love that is truly pure And this feeling I know will endure. We may not see each other so oftenWe may not hold hands together in the openWe may not always talk and laughAnd others may think […]