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Morning Prayer

Woman Praying

Heavenly Father, thank you for the new morning, new beginning, new hope, and most especially the gift of life.Thank you that you are a good God. You are a God who never leaves us. You are a God who always…

How to Optimistically Face the World

Woman alone

I am certain that all of us face different problems in life. We are all battling different battles. All of us experienced walking through the path of darkness. Some people are strong enough to hold on, and some are also…

How To Deal Life’s Challenges

Woman Running and Jumping

They said everything happens for a reason, and that “everything” includes persons – people we met every day whether we know their names or not, neighbors, friends, classmates, and every person that surrounds us have a purpose in our lives.…

If someone asks you a favor, do it freely

Working inside room

If someone asks you a favor, do it freely. It means that you are one of the luckiest persons who are capable of doing things that others can’t. Be a person full of compassion rather than a person full of…

Are You Extremely In Love?


If you are extremely in love, no one and nothing can stop you from running after tomorrow. Running After Tomorrow Have you ever been worried because of tomorrow’s uncertainties? Do you feel like fear has a grip on you? Is…

FREE to copy: Wedding Program Script and Flow

bride and groom

The Wedding Program Grand Entrance: Newlyweds Newlyweds’ Parents Principal Sponsors Secondary Sponsors Newlywed’s First Dance (Money Dance) Well-Wishes/Messages: Groom’s parents/guardians Bride’s parents/guardians Relatives Friends Slicing of the Wedding Cake Wine Toasting Words of Thanks by the Newlyweds Garter Tossing Bouquet…