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STAY IGNORED I-mprove yourself. Keep on learning new things.G-low in the right time. So always be ready for new opportunities.N-egative people will only absorb your energy. Stay away from them.O-vercome your fears and be optimistic.R-ise everytime you fall. E-mbrace change…

Care To Care

CARE to CARE C-reate time to bond with your family. They are your true friendsA-ppreciate every little thing each family member doesR-espect each other’s opinions and E-njoy every moment together. C-ontinue improving yourselfA-lways give thanks to the Lord every time…

Quote About Goodness

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A-ppreciate peopleD-on’t speak ill of anybodyJ-ust do goodU-nleash the potentials in youS-tay focused on your goalsT-ry. Fall. Fight. Learn. Grow!


Father and Son walking in the forest

Morphed The sun’s strong heat strikes the muddy yet beautiful face of the woman who is bringing home camote and cassava from the farm. She will cook these to feed the starving stomach of her children who are still working…

Program Flow and Script for Baptism Party

Program Flow and Script for Baptism Party at the Reception Baptism is an important milestone in our baby’s spiritual life. It is the time that we welcome our baby into our family faith. And today, Baby (Erl) has just been…

Program Flow and Emcee Script for Bienvenida Party

Big room with table

Program Flow for Bienvenida Party: Opening Prayer Honoree’s Time (Introduce Oneself, Labelling Expectations, Setting Rules) Group’s Response ( Choose a representative from the group-preferably the senior) Roll Call ( Call all the members with their designation) Picture Taking Community Singing…

Script for Despedida Party

Woman saying goodbye

Need to say goodbye to Friends and Co-workers? Here is the Script for Despedida Party Program. Emcee 1: A famous quote by Paulo Coelho says, “If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello”.…

Quote About Life

Just enjoy life and be happy. Take every instance of your life an opportunity to grow rather a burden to carry.

Quote About Being Responsible

If you’re given a responsibility, take it seriously. If you feel exhausted at first, it’s okay. Just feel it. Later, you’ll get used to it and realize that you have done great things you thought you could never do.