Son, when I was still pregnant
A baby boy was what I really want
Every night I prayed to our God
He might give us a son as our child.

Son, when I gave birth to you and knew you’re a boy
We were so excited and happy and I shed tears of joy
We then named you after your delighted and proud father
And we gave you all our love, protection, support and care.

Son, we were always by your side as you grew up
Of all our priorities, you were always on top
We were very supportive of your studies
As well as with your sports and hobbies.

Son, now that you’re already a grown-up
To some of your decisions I can’t stop
You’re already starting to have your own stand
And that is what I am trying to understand.

Son, I am happy that you are becoming independent
And matured as you face life’s puzzle and predicament
And the best thing that I could do as your mother
Is to guide and always include you in my daily prayer.

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