Program and Script for a 75th Birthday Party

75th Birthday Party Program and Script

  • The entrance of the Celebrant
  • Recognizing/Welcoming of the Guests
  • Presentations
  • Birthday Messages ( from those who are physically present first then the greetings of the family and friends afar through videos
  • Giving of Birthday Gifts
  • Birthday Celebrant’s Time (Blowing of the Birthday Candle, Making of Birthday Wish, Celebrant’s Response/Message)
  • Games
  • Dinner/Play AVP-videos of the celebrant’s memories/journey

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The Program Script

Program and Script for a 75th Birthday Party |
Program and Script for a 75th Birthday Party |

Emcee 1: To be given life, is a gift. To be given a chance to celebrate the gift of life is a blessing. A happy afternoon everyone and welcome to (Auntie’s) 75th birthday party!

Emcee 2: Today, is a very special day, not only because we are celebrating (Auntie’s) birthday but also because God has given us this wonderful opportunity to gather here at (the venue) to make Auntie feel special and see how much we love and care for her.

Emcee 1: Are you excited to see how much our birthday celebrant, has grown in the past years, and how does she look today? Well, your wish is my command! So what are we waiting for? Ladies and gentlemen, The Grand Entrance of our Birthday Celebrant! Let us all welcome her with resounding applause! (While the celebrant is doing her entrance, the emcee may have some adlibs- maybe give some descriptions about the celebrant. Then, you may also play a birthday song or any of the celebrant’s favorite songs.)

(Once the birthday celebrated has already seated preferably in front of everybody),

Emcee 2: Happy birthday (Auntie) Today, you are 18 years old with 57 years experience. (he.he.he) And present here today to celebrate with you your special day, are your family, relatives, and friends who love you dearly.

Emcee 1: First on the list, we have (the family of _____). (As their family/name is mentioned, let them stand to be recognized.)
( Just do the same in welcoming all the other guests. After all the guests have been called),

Emcee 2: To everyone who is present here this afternoon, thank you so much for coming and making Auntie’s birthday a memorable one.

Emcee 1: Because you are so special to us (Auntie), we also prepared special numbers for you. Just sit back and relax and be entertained with our presentations.

Emcee 2: Our first presenter is/are ________________. Let’s welcome him/her/them with a round of applause!

Emcee 1: That was such an amazing performance! (The emcee may do some adlibs about the performance or may ask the birthday celebrants some questions like: Were you entertained by their performance Auntie? he.he.he… Do you want some more?)

Emcee 2: Don’t worry Auntie, just be happy because this afternoon, you will be witnessing a variety of talents because we are all talented like you…. he.he.he…
At this juncture, let’s welcome another presentation from (Presenter number 2). Let’s put our hands together as we welcome Presenter number 2, on the dance floor!)
(Continue calling all the presenters. To make the party alive and jolly, you may do adlibs in between presentations or you may also throw jokes at your audience.)

Emcee 1: After having witnessed such incredible performances, let us now hear some birthday messages from our celebrant’s family, relatives, and friends. The first to give her birthday message is ( name of the person, description about the person, and the person’s relation to the birthday celebrant.) Let’s welcome her/him with a big hand!

Emcee 2: Thank you so much Ma’am/Sir _________. At this moment, let’s hear another birthday message from __________. A round of applause please!
(Call all those who want to give a birthday message to the celebrant. You may have your way of doing it.)
(Get ready with the video greetings…)

Emcee 1: Once again, thank you so much Ma’am and Sir for your well wishes for (Auntie). But hey, is it true that if you really love a person no distance can stop you from showing it to the person you love?

Emcee 2: Yes, it’s really true! (Auntie), be ready to get surprised as you watch this video… (Play the video-(messages for Auntie from relatives afar)

Emcee 1: (Auntie), we are not done yet. This time, get your hands ready and heartily accept our birthday gifts for you…This is one of our ways of saying thank you to you for the things that you have done for us. Thank you so much for everything (Auntie). We love you very much!
(Suggestion: The people who will give gifts will fall in line, take turns in giving the gifts first, then, have a (short) dance with (Auntie). You may prepare a piece of slow music or music that (Auntie) loves. The table for the gifts must be near to Auntie and must be prepared before the program starts.)

After the gift giving, it’s (Auntie’s) time…

Emcee 2: Auntie, your birthday party will not be complete without us singing a “Happy Birthday Song” to you and without you making your birthday wish and blowing your Birthday Candle. So, everybody, let us sing a Happy Birthday song to (Auntie) in 1, 2, 3!!!! (Happy Birthday to you….)
(While you are singing a birthday song to (Auntie), the birthday cake must also be given to her. You could assign someone to bring the cake to Auntie or you could just place the birthday cake at the table where (Auntie) is seated.)

Emcee 1: Auntie, make your birthday wish and blow your candle in 1, 2, 3!!!! Blow! Auntie, may your wish do come true!!!!
Everybody, let’s greet (Auntie) a Happy Birthday in 1, 2, 3!!!! Happy Birthday (Auntie)!!!!!!

Emcee 2: At this juncture, let’s hear some words from our celebrant. Let’s welcome her with a big, big hand!

Emcee 1: Thank you so much, (Auntie). Once again, happy, happy birthday to you. We love you very much!
This time, let’s try to see how close you are to (Auntie) and how much do you know about her. Are you ready to answer our trivia questions about (Auntie)?
(Mechanics of the Game: If you know the answer to the question, go to the front and give your answer. Whoever gives the correct answer first, will win the prize.)

Emcee 2: First question: What is (Auntie’s) complete name, (with middle name)?
Second question: When was (Auntie) born? (Complete date; month/day/year)
Next game: Bring me a photo of you with (Auntie)
(You may also create your own games)

Emcee 1: Congratulations to all our winners. Thank you so much for your active participation! It is indeed a memorable and fun-filled birthday celebration.

Emcee 2: After the sharing of talents, birthday messages and wishes, it is now time for us to share the food that we have prepared. Let me now call on ____________ to lead the Prayer Before Meals.

Emcee 1: Thank you __________. Happy eating everyone. Enjoy your meal!

Emcee 1: This has been your hosts, (Emcee 1)
Emcee 2: and (Emcee 2) saying, Let’s consider every birthday an opportunity to age gracefully. As we grow in age, let us also grow in knowledge. So every day, let us keep on learning and keep on growing!
Emcee 1: Once again, happy, happy birthday (Auntie) We love you so much. To everyone, thank you so much for coming. May God bless us always and…
Emcee 1 and Emcee 2: Let us always keep safe. Bye!

*Dinner Time* (While everyone is taking dinner, you may play the Audio-Visual Presentation/Videos of the Celebrant’s moments/memories, since childhood up to present)
*After taking dinner, the visitors may take pictures with the celebrant before going home. Or you may have the picture taking before dinner time.)

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