Virtual Orientation Rules List

  1. Test your mic and camera hours/days before the meeting.
  2. Stay in a place where you feel comfortable and will not be disturbed. If possible, in a place with less noise and no distraction.
  3. Enter the meeting room before the time. (Preferably 15 minutes before the time)
  4. Greet your teacher and your classmates through the chatbox only. (Avoid greeting them verbally to avoid making noise.)
  5. Stay in your place only. Avoid going somewhere or doing unnecessary things while the orientation is still going on.
  6. Use icons to express your reactions. Use the “thumbs up” icon if you “agree”.    Use the “thumbs down” icon if you “disagree” and send it through the chatbox.
  7. Keep your mic muted if the teacher is talking.
  8. Unmute your mic and say, “permission to speak” if you want to ask questions or say something.  And only express yourself after the teacher gives you permission to do so.
  9. Always remember to mute your mic once you are done talking.
  10. If you are asked by your teacher to say something or answer some questions, automatically unmute your mic then express yourself.    Again, don’t forget to mute your mic after expressing yourself.

Since it is an orientation, you are expected to introduce yourself to the group. You may follow the format below in introducing yourself.

     Good morning/afternoon (name of teacher).
     Good morning/afternoon classmates!
      My name is _____.       I am _____ years old.
      I was born on _____.       My zodiac sign is _____.
      I live in _____.      I am good at _____ (talents/skills)
      I like to _____ (interests/hobbies)
     My favorite movie character is _____ because _________.
     My ambition is to become a/an _____.
     That would be all. 

Thank you so much and let us all keep safe!

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