Solutions To The Problems In Coral Bleaching

The “Chasing Corals” documentary which can be watched from Netflix, truly highlighted the facts that we continuously buried to progress forward. It is a great film to let the people reflect and ponder on the damage we have caused to other organisms on the planet.

Corals are one of the most essential creatures on Earth and we should not let these organisms suffer for the things that humans do. We are not doomed to lose all corals to bleaching and do not need to resort to those researches in the film for we still have a chance in saving these dying reefs.

However, we need to act immediately if we want to protect and conserve our coral reefs for the generations to come.

Certain practices can aid in decreasing the damages in our coral reefs such as reducing surface runoff which carries various pollutants and contaminants.

In the long run, the only solution to the problems in coral bleaching is to address climate change. Various global efforts are necessary which includes comprehensive and immediate action to reduce emissions and waste.

There is a need to stop continuous deforestation, convert to renewable energy sources, and guide our government to enforce climate-smart policies that are sustainable for the future. This threat is imminent which will surely haunt us for the years to come and we should not waste time in saving these beautiful creatures.

As citizens of the same planet, we should also be responsible for the things that we do, and we should be aware of the harmful effects of our daily activities. At the end of the day, we are the only beings on the planet who are capable to save these dying organisms.

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