Script for UNO Culminating Program

Script for UNO (United Nations Organization) Culminating Program

Emcee 1– I would like to request everyone to settle down now because we will already start with our program just in a bit.

Emcee 2– In many countries around the world, people celebrate United Nations Day with national costumes, flags, and music performances. That is because this day is a symbol of cultural diversity.

Emcee 1– This afternoon, as we celebrate United Nations Culminating Program, we hope that we can help everyone understand that the main purpose of our activity is not just to have fun but to bring us all together to work in peace and development based on the principles of justice, human dignity and well-being of all the people.

Emcee 2– To our school principal, _______________, our Master Teachers, co-teachers, PTA officers headed by our PTA President, __________, parents, pupils, friends, ladies and gentlemen, Good Afternoon!

Emcee 1– To start with, I would like to request everyone to stand for the singing of the Philippine National Anthem, which will be conducted by _____ And please do remain standing for our Invocation, which will be lead by ___

Emcee 2– Thank you so much _________ and _________. And now, to formally welcome us all to our program this afternoon, let us all welcome __________. A round of applause please!

Emcee 1– Thank you so much __________________ for your heartwarming words of welcome.
And now, this is the moment that we’ve been waiting for, the entrance of our Mr. and Miss UNO 2019 with their entourage! Let’s welcome them with a resounding applause!

*(You may also make an introduction/description for each one of them as they walk along the aisle):

Emcee 2– Our Mr. UNO 4th runner up is a Grade__ pupil, under the advisory of _________. He is ___ years old. His hobbies are _____. His motto is _____. And he is the pride of Mr. and Mrs. _______. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. UNO 4th runner up, ___________.

Emcee 1– Our Miss UNO 4th runner up is a Grade ___ pupil, under the advisory of _____. She is ____ years old. Her hobbies are _____. Her motto is ___. And she is the fruit of love of Mr. and Mrs. _______. Ladies and gentlemen, Miss UNO 4th runner up, ________.

*(You do like this until Mr. and Miss UNO. You may make another way of introducing/describing them.)

Emcee 2– And now, to bring us to the places that we have never been, let us all welcome the representatives from each grade level to showcase the different costumes from the different countries around the world! A big hand, please!

Emcee 1– Thank you so much dear pupils for letting us see and appreciate the dazzling and appealing costumes of the different countries of the world.

Emcee 2– At this juncture, let’s sit back and relax as we continue to be amazed by the different dance presentations of the countries around the world which will be presented to us by the dance troupe. A round of applause, please!

Emcee 1– That was such a world-class performance! Thank you so much dear pupils for entertaining us with your wonderful talent in dancing.

Emcee 2– For the imposition of the crown and the proclamation of Mr. and Miss UNO 2019, let us call on ________________ and _____________.

Emcee 1– Thank you very much ______________ and __________________.
Now, let’s proceed to the donning of the cape to our (Mr./Miss UNO 2019), (name of pupil) by our (Mr./Miss UNO 2018), (name of pupil).

Emcee 2– At this time, we will request our (Mr./Miss UNO 2018), (name of pupil) to turn over the scepter to our (Mr./Miss UNO 2019), (name of pupil).

Emcee 1– Let us now continue with the pinning of sashes to our Royal Entourage by their respective parents and class advisers.

Emcee 2– Now, let us proceed with the giving of trophies and tokens to our Royal Entourage by our Master Teachers.

Emcee 1– At this juncture, let us welcome our Royal Entourage for their Royal dance!

Emcee 2– Let us now pave the way as our Royal Entourage will do their Royal March.!

Emcee 1– If there is a beginning, there is also an end. So now, the time has come for us to lend our listening ears to _________________ as she will give us her Closing Remarks. A big hand please!

Emcee 2– Thank you __________. And to all the working committees who have extended their helping hands, to all the parents who have showed their support and cooperation, and to everyone who is present here this afternoon, thank you much for making this activity a success!

Emcee 1– This has been your hosts, ____________________ and ________________, saying . “Live life the way you want it to be”.
Emcee 2Be happy because happiness is free.
Emcee 1 and Emcee 2– All always will be! Have a nice day everyone!

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