Sample Narrative Essay


Sample Narrative Essay “LIGHT IN DARKNESS

We feel comforted knowing others are suffering just like us. But that doesn’t mean we want them to suffer. We just want to know we’re not alone in this struggling journey called LIFE“.

At some point in our life, we will feel really down. And we somewhat question ourselves, are we really doing the right thing? Are we really making an impact in this world? Do we even matter? What are we supposed to do? Often than not we actually think we are the only one feeling this way. But no, a lot of people actually do. Meaning, it is very common to feel uneasy about ourselves sometimes. That is due to the fact that we are imperfect. And being imperfect is normal for us humans. That is what makes us human. We make mistakes every day. We feel emotions every day. But when we make a different mistake which we have not heard of nor familiar with, we often lose our way of thinking. We overthink, we try to do too much, even though we just need to relax and calmly think. And because of that, we lose ourselves when we fail to do it within our expectations. We can for sure relate to a lot of narrative text since it is about life. But this one specifically, we can relate to it greatly. Since it is all about finding our purpose, and by doing so, we need to first find ourselves. How can a single human being, a species of which contains billions of living organisms find its purpose in this world without even finding its self?

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