To the amazing facilitators, namely;

Mrs ___________ who gave us tips on how to make instructional materials,
Mrs.__________ who talked about explicit teaching,
Mrs. __________ who talked about differentiated instruction,
Mrs. __________ who talked about problem-based learning,
Mrs. __________ who talked about classroom management,
Mrs. __________ who talked about Guidance and Counseling,
Mr. __________ who taught us about ICT Integration in lesson planning,
to all my fellow teachers, friends, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon!

The main thrust of the Bureau of Elementary Education is to provide access, progress and quality in elementary education.

And after having attended this five-day in-service training, I would like to challenge myself this question: Am I willing to accept change? Because progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. And if my answer to this question is, “Yes, I am willing to accept change”, well, then, I can proudly say that today’s generation is in good hands.

Honestly speaking, when we were told that we will be having an INSET, the negative side of me was murmuring, INSET NAPUD! MAAYO PAG MAGKLASE!!! But the positive side of me reminded myself that I am a teacher. I need to behave. I need to open my door to changes. I need to free myself from any doubts and complaints and just let my mind be sprinkled with fresh ideas and knowledge.

And my positive side was not mistaken because with the help of our competent and knowledgeable facilitators, I have learned a lot of things. During the training, I was able to come out from my shell of timidity and was able to share my ideas without hesitations. And indeed, it is true that the more you share your ideas, the more learnings you will get.

And now, this is it! We’ve made it! We are able to finish our training with smiles in our faces. But before we will part ways, please allow me to share some of my impressions for this innovative seminar.

The seminar was well organized in terms of structure, time frames and contents. From the start to the end, it went smoothly.

With its well-ventilated and well-lighted venue, with meals and snacks served, I just couldn’t find reasons to leave the room and miss an event. The activities were informative and useful.

This 5-day in-service training caters our needs in updating our approaches in teaching, our skills in classroom management and guidance counseling and a lot more. It is also a good point that this training includes ICT integration in lesson planning that is really timely to address the needs of our pupils as well as the demands and challenges of the 21st century.

When I was in the ICT room, I was very attentive and participative because I want to learn the technology that my pupils deserve to learn today so that when tomorrow comes, they will not come back to me and ask me why I stole their future.

This training is not just an avenue for more learning but also a venue to gain new friends and strengthen the bond with our co-teachers, especially with the new ones.

This training has come to end but the learnings are never-ending. Added knowledge and the passion for teaching will surely maximize our potentials as educators as we are one of the important people to shape the minds of our future leaders.

To the organizers and facilitators of this 5-day training, thank you so much. I hope that you will continue helping us to be the best among the rest, not just during trainings but every time that we feel that we need you and every time you feel that there is a need for us to be helped by you.

And to my co-participants, thank you so much for your cooperation in making this training a success!

To everyone, CONGRATULATIONS for a job well done and advance Happy Halloween to us all!

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