After having made a mistake, which obviously, we did not intend to do, do we have to be regretful?
Humans as we are, committing a mistake is inevitable no matter how careful we are with our words and actions. And oftentimes, because of our mistake, we hurt the feelings of others.
Being regretful for a mistake made is an attitude of mine which I want to stop. As I aged, I realized that I had wasted so much of my time worrying about the things that I cannot anymore undo.
I used to worry too much about a mistake made. I would spend hours or even sleepless nights thinking about it and blaming myself why I have made it.
But will it erase the mistake that I have made? Will it solve everything? Of course, not! The damaged has been done and the past is in the past. We can do nothing to bring back the time. And the best thing that we can do to cherish and enjoy the present moment is TO MOVE ON from the past and learn the lessons from our mistakes.
And this is the attitude that I want to learn and practice. I want to train myself not to worry of what has been, focus on what is, and prepare for what will be.

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