When I started working to be your tutor
You told me that you wanted to be a doctor
Every time we had our tutorial session
I always wanted to have your full attention.

Before our tutorial would come to start
You would always sing, “King and Queen of Hearts”
This would always serve as our daily energizer
Afterwards, with your assignments we will answer.

Everyday, I come to your house
And this made our bond very close
With your secrets, to me you can freely open
You knew I was there always ready to listen.

But time came when I had to stop tutoring you
Though I knew it was hard for me to do
Because I have to take good care of my son
Who will already be enrolling in grade one.

At first leaving you was not easy
Because you already became a part of me
Every night, to our Almighty God I always pray
You’ll continue to do good with your studies even without me.

We may not see each other so often now
But we still manage to communicate anyhow
Every time you go with my family to watch a movie
We’re all very happy and consider it a special day

To my family, your whole family is concerned
And we consider your family as our close friend
And I am very thankful to our Almighty God
For giving us the chance to know each other and create a bond.

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